JUNXY-AC230V/400V-6.66KW Rack Mounted AC Load Bank

New JUNXY-AC230V/400V-6.66KW Rack Mounted AC Load Bank

JUNXY Rack Mounted Load Bank

Following on from construction and testing, Data Centre Commissioning is essential to ensure that the completed facility is configured for maximum efficiency. Missing out the essential Data Centre Commissioning can lead to an inefficient facility and higher than expected operational costs. By simply identifying where equipment manufacturers’ standard specifications are not appropriate for the IT load, the supporting infrastructure, in particular the cooling plant, can be configured to meet the requirements of the facility and lead to much higher levels of efficiency. Data centre commissioning can lead to significant energy savings when implemented correctly by a specialist commissioning team. By engaging JUNXY power solutions to ensure that systems are running correctly, clients have saved up to 67% on facility operational costs.

The Junxy rack mounted AC & DC load banks are designed especially for internet data center (IDC) test and commissioning. Load bank integrated system test (IST) could precisely simulate the data center’s electricity consumption, heat dissipation, air flow, hot & cold aisle testing, thus to ensure the effective operation of power supply & distribution system (generator, UPS, EPS included), air conditioning system, lightning protection and earthing system, monitoring system, data center integrated environments, cabinet IT environment, providing independent verification of integrated system testing. Successful IST(integrated system test) should have installation of server load banks in data center and server room etc, Junxy provides resistive, reactive and capacitive load banks in low or medium voltage to cover the entire scope of your commission and testing requirements.



Ø Data center & server room cooling system test

Ø Data center air flow, hot/cold aisle environment inspection

Ø Validating the tire level of data center

Ø Validating the reliability of data center power supply & distribution system

Ø Testing the main network before connecting user devices (servers, switches, etc.)


Technical Specifications


JUNXY-AC230V/400V-6.666W-R Resistive AC Load Bank

Load Element

Nichrome Alloy Resistor(as above)

Load Voltage

AC230V single phase

AC400V three phase

Rated Power

6.666KW for AC230V Single Phase

6.666KW for AC400V Three Phase

Load Steps

For AC230V single phase:

Three independent load channels,

each load channel with load steps 2*1111W

Total 6 load steps: 1111W/1111W/1111W/1111W/1111W/1111W

Total 6666W

For AC400V three phase

Load steps for phase A: 1111W/1111W(independent load channel)

Load steps for phase B: 1111W/1111W(independent load channel)

Load steps for phase C: 1111W/1111W(independent load channel)

Each phase 2222W, Total 6666W

Power Factor


Load Accuracy


Power Supply

230V(±10%) 50HZ, single phase from test source

Control Mode

Manual control by switches with built in light indicator

Insulation Class


Protection Level

IP20(indoor use

Fan Noise



Cooling Mode

Force-air cooling

3 low noise, horizontal force air cooling fans, powered from the test source.Cool air intake at front, hot air exhaust at rear.

Work Mode

Continuous work


Overheating protection

Ambient Temperature



Three C20 panel mounted sockets for each independent load channel






Two handles in front panel




2500 meters