gV3RXyZJvOuYQXyvj35h59o76rkapLv7pQHMqteNA9k JUNXY 100KW pure resistive AC load bank

JUNXY-ACO380/10 (380V 100KW)

JUNXY-ACO380/10 (380V 100KW)

Regular maintenance and thorough inspections are the key to reducing downtime. Critical power backup equipment like a UPS System and generator will fail without proper preventative maintenance, especially when they are located in harsh, dusty or corrosive environments. Load Banks are devices designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators and Unin- terruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Load banks are also used to reduce “wet stacking” problems in diesel engines of backup generating systems. JUNXY ENERGY builds custom preventative maintenance programs for UPS systems and generators to ensure you are prepared for anything.


Functions & Features

  • Set/adjust discharging power according to performance parameters and detection requirements

  • Set discharging time, timing to automatic shut-off load, discharge off and alarm operator

  • Set load voltage, over/under voltage and over current protection threshold value, it can shut off load, terminate discharging and alarm user automatically.

  • Set storage data sheet recording period optionally which must be more than the minimum period 6 Seconds.

  • Large screen LCD display, friendly interface, English menu, display discharge power, time, power consumption, every phase load voltage, current, frequency and inner temperature information real timely.

  • Parallel operation function to carry out multi sets load operation by RS 485 communication

  • Readjust discharge parameters during discharging process

  • Built-in storage function, save 10 groups of test data, which can be inquired, deleted and put into flash disk.

  • Start/stop discharging control by Serial port, and detect data real time operation etc; The storage data can be uploaded to PC by serial port or flash disk, and the upper computer’s software can analyze data and pattern and print report etc.

  • Terminal protection function, it can turn off load, terminate discharging and alarm automatically when over temperature.

  • Power Fail Recovery function.

  • Set at most 10 groups power, load process automatically according to the setting power and operation time after being turned on.

Technical Parameters:


JX-ACO380/10 (380V, 100KW)

Condition of Circumstance

Working Temperature(-2055)℃        

Storage Temperature(-4570)℃

Relative humidity90%(40±2℃)

Atmospheric pressure(70106)kPa

External Dimensions(mm)


Net Weight


Working Voltage

Single-phase 120V AC±10%50/60Hz

Load voltage

Three-phase AC380VSingle-phase AC220V

Operating power

Stand-aloneMax 100KWThree-phase 380V

           Max 30KWSingly-phase 220V

Parallel OperationMulti-Units Operation Support

Discharging Time

0~99 hours and 59 minutesContinuously Adjustable

Temperature alarm &

Threshold Value


Quantity of Parallel operation

1~99 sets

Maximum Load Step

5 steps

Minimum Load Step Resolution


Recording Period

6~999 Seconds

Voltage measurement range

AC 0~450V, Display Resolution0.1VPrecision±5‰

Current measurement range

AC 0~200A, Display Resolution0.1APrecision±1

Frequency measurement range

40~60 Hz,  Display Resolution0.1HzPrecision±2‰

Power measurement range

0~100 kW, Display resolution0.1kWPrecision±1

Temperature measurement range

-20~100℃,Display resolution1℃precision±1℃

Cooling mode

FCT(Fan control Temperature)

Communication Mode

RS232,RS485 and USB communication

Display mode

LCD with high brightness and large screen