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48V 500A Battery Load Bank

48V 500A Battery Load Bank

It is really critical that your standby power system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers, PV system, inverter etc working in good condition if switched to be loaded when the main power supply in maintenance procedure or stop abnormally. So validating the condition and output of such power systems must be conducted comprehensively. JUNXY series AC & DC load bank offers you whole solutions for above purposes which you could trust and depend on. 

About JUNXY battery load bank with CVM
JUNXY series battery load bank with real time wireless cell voltage monitor(CVM) to test each cell voltage during discharging is especialy designed for battery bank acceptance test, battery bank capacity test, battery bank discharging test, which facilitating your work for power systems requiring battery bank maintenance, to find out the lag-out batteries. Don’t let a battery failure cause an outage, regular preventative maintenance checks to make sure your backup power systems are prepared when you need them most. JUNXY battery load bank with CVM covers different industries, say telecommunication/data center, utility, motive power/forklift, UPS and PV system etc with different DC nominal voltage like 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V, 96V, 110V/120V, 220V/240V, 380V, 480V for testing cell voltage type 1.2V, 2V, 6V, 12V.

Key Functions and features:
  • Portable unit with 7 inch colorful touch screen, different nominal voltages made compatible in ONLY ONE unit for different demands to save cost.
  • Test battery internal resistance and capacity.
  • Real time on-line monitoring battery bank: battery string voltage, each cell voltage, charge/discharge current, monitoring time, charge/discharge capacity etc.
  • Battery quantity to be tested by wireless CVM: 24pcs.               
  • Discharging mode: Constant current discharge mode( off line and on line CC mode), constant power discharge mode(CP mode)
  • On line compensation discharge(on line CC mode): To accomplish the on line constant current discharge without switching off actual load connected with battery bank system, the JUNXY battery load bank discharging current will vary according to actual load current. The equation is: I=I1+I2(“I” is battery bank current, “I1” is JUNXY battery load bank current, “I2” is actual load current which connected with battery bank)
  • Load bank auto shut-down when reach any one of four cutt-off settings:  (1)string voltage, (2)cell voltage, (3)discharge duration, (4)discharge capacity, (5)manual stop discharge
  • JUNXY battery load bank real time displaying cell voltage histogram, the highest and lowest cell voltage, each cell and string curves, curves comparison. Curves could be enlarged and narrowed.
  • Parameter template function: up to 10 groups of preset discharge parameters to select discharge directly, save time.
  • Protections: over current protection(OCP), over voltage protection(OVP), reverse polarity protection(RPP) by LCD displaying and buzzer alarm. 
  • If test clips on battery poles dropped off, discharge keeps continuing.
  • Parallel load bank discharging for higher discharge current by RS485,  Remote control the load bank through RS232 by JUNXY battery load bank PC software. 
  • Up to 10 groups of discharge/monitor data could be stored in load bank.
  • PC software for data/histogram/curves management, report printing.



Cell voltage type


Cell voltage test range





Cell voltage resolution

2V/6V:0.001V; 12V:0.01V

String voltage test range


String voltage resolution



Voltage testing accuracy


Discharge current working range


Constant current discharge voltage range


Maximum Discharge Power


Current testing accuracy


Battery capacity check range(Ah)


Current testing accuracy


Capacity check testing range extension

One external load added, the testing capacity range doubled

Cell data collection method


Monitoring current range

Same as rated current 

Working  voltage

AC120 or 220±15%

Cooling mode

Refrigeration by blast

Working environment

0℃~40℃; 20%~80%RH

Storage condition

-20℃~70℃ storage and transport

Communication mode

RS232 communication

Data storage mode

SD card

Display mode

7 inch LCD 

color touch screen

Carry method

Portable type