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JUNXY-380 Battery Monitoring System

JUNXY-380 Battery Monitoring System
  • This module is designed specifically for strings of 15 - 48 batteries each, one module for each string.
  • Online monitoring of cell voltage, internal resistance, overall voltage, ambient temperature, charge & discharge current and cell temperature
  • Runs smoothly under UPS ripple current interference.
  • Easy to install and mounts on battery rack directly.
  • Economical with high quality.


The JUNXY-380 is designed especially for UPS applications. It is able to provide early warnings of battery problems. The JUNXY-380 checks the health of each battery by continually performing an internal resistance test. In addition, the module indicates immediate battery health and any alarm or error on the local LCD screen or a given computer. The JUNXY-380 consists of a Main Module and an Extended Module. A Main Module is able to manage up to3 Extended Modules. Each module monitors one string, and a set of BMS monitors up to 4 strings.


• Full resistance, battery temperature and voltage monitoring for comprehensive battery state of health analysis.
• Charge & discharge current, overall voltage and ambient temperature monitoring. 
• Auto detects discharges based on discharge current, and stores data for playback.
• Performs a scheduled resistance test and stores results for trending analysis.
• Displays data on local LCD screen.
• High and low alarm levels may be programmed. 
• Sets off an alarm and the dry contact shuts off when any parameter goes outside the normal range.
• Communicates with a external computer via RS485 and LAN.
• LEDs on front panel indicates status of modules.
• Software compatible with PC is available.

1. BattOnline Software: Receives data from the main module and displays it
2. Temperature Module: Monitors cell temperature
3. Monitor Module: 5.7” LCD with touch screen.

Please click HERE to download the detailed info about the JX-380 Battery Monitoring System, Or you could email sales@junxypowersolutions.com for more info.

1. Environmental
Operating temperature:-5℃~50℃,5%~90%RH
Storage temperature: -10℃~70℃,5%~90%RH
2. Used For
VRLA and Ni-Cd battery,12V battery, capacity from 1AH to 300AH
3. Power Requirements
4. Monitor Capacity
Monitors up to 6 strings on one set, up to 48 batteries on each string
5. Protection
Test load and power paths are fused, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection,
voltage cable protection with 2.4K current-limiting resistance 
6. Measurement Range & Accuracy
Overall voltage:20~700V,±(0.3%+0.2V)
Cell voltage:5~15V,±(0.1%+10mV)
Internal resistance:1000~65535uΩ
7. Battery temperature:-10℃~+70℃,±1.5℃
8. Ambient temperature: -10℃~+70℃,±0.5℃
9. Charge & discharge current:0~300A(optional), ±(2%+0.5A)
10. Communications Interfaces
RS485, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps, meet MODBUS protocol 
11. Dry Contact: One dry contact,DC220V/1A
12. Insulation: 1000VAC
13. Installation: Battery rack or 19-inch rack 
14. Weight: Main Module: 3.0KG
Extended Module: 2.3KG