gV3RXyZJvOuYQXyvj35h59o76rkapLv7pQHMqteNA9k 220V battery string charger and battery load bank with battery voltage monitoring

220V Series Charger-Discharger Monitor

220V Series Charger-Discharger Monitor

JUNXY’s portable intelligent battery charger-discharger monitor is designed for maintaining battery strings with nominal voltage 24V, 48V, 110V/120V, 220V/240V, 380V etc. It is a compact and multi-functional unit with four major functions: battery string charger, battery string discharger, battery string activator and battery string monitoring. These four functions could be used individually or comprehensively to facilitate your daily work for battery maintenance. When the activation function (activator) is applied, the battery string will be in discharging and charging cycle process to activate the disabled active materials gradually on the battery plate, thus to increase battery string capacity.     
Features and functions
  • Battery Charger
Charge parameters such as cell cutt-off voltage, average charge voltage,floating charge voltage, charge duration,charge capacity and charge current could be set & displayed.Auto shut-down when reach any one of four charge cutt-off settings: (1)cell voltage, (2)charge duration,(3)charge capacity, (4)manual stop charge. The battery charger function covers three charging processes:  (1)Constant current charging → (2)Constant voltage with decreasing current charging→ (3)micro current floating charging. Charging processes are strictly in accordance with the specifications of battery charge curve. Charging parameters could be adjusted anytime during charging process.
  • Battery Discharger
Constant current and constant power discharge mode for battery strings. Discharge parameters such as cell voltage, discharge duration,discharge capacity and discharge current will be displayed. Auto shut-down when reach any one of four cutt-off settings: (1)cell voltage(or only warning), (2)discharge duration, (3)discharge capacity, (4)manual stop discharge. Discharging parameters could be adjusted anytime during discharging process.
  • Battery Activator
The activating includes two processes: the above charging and discharging processes. Charging process and discharging process will be automatically exchanged when reach any cutt-off settings and cycle times could be up to 5.
  • Battery Monitoring System
Monitoring battery string voltage, cell voltage, charge/discharge current & capacity, time etc on/off line.
  • 7 inch colorful touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Three kinds of test data: charge data, discharge data and activation data. 10 groups of each kind to be saved in equipment. 
  • Over heating protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, fans failure protection.
  • Data management in both equipment and PC software.
  • Test auto shut-down to protect battery when detects of battery abnormal or equipment working abnormal.
  • PC data management software: voltage/current histogram, curve chart, and test report (Excel table and WORD document).

Technical Specifications


220V 60A

220V 80A

220V 100A

Charging Voltage Range


Discharge Voltage Range


Voltage Resolution

0.01 V

Voltage Accuracy


Current Range

Discharger: 0-60A

Charger: 0-80A
Discharger: 0-80A

Charger: 0-100A
Discharger: 0-100A

Current Resolution


Current Accuracy


Constant Power
Discharge Range

Max 16kw

Max 22kw

Max 28kw

Precision of steady current


String Voltage Accuracy


Cell Voltage Type

2V, 6V, 12V

Cell Voltage Resolution

2V/6V:0.001V  12V:0.01V

Mains Voltage

Charger:AC380±15%, three phase, 50Hz



Power Factor


Insulating Strength